The Dance

The dance between lightness and darkness is inevitable

However with each step, a new scar sheds our skin

Knowing your happiness can turn to insurmountable sadness at any moment

Yet we live as if the tree of happiness is forever fruitful

And we dare not bear witness to the sea of sadness, whose wave grows with each passing day, stalking us, waiting for the moment to pounce

With the devastating crash, comes the quicksand of despair.

Despair that only time can scar over

For it’s not healing, if time’s only gift is its ability to allow us to forget

It’s scar tissue that we know was once a gash, yet with time we forget the blood lost, the initial pain

And we continue on to the next fruitful season, while the sea beckons to strike once again


After thoughts

This poem was written shortly after a breakup with someone whom I loved. I had intense imagery of a wave crashing, and attempted to personify it to a cat, waiting to pounce on it’s prey. Typically this is written in the moment, on my phone, then weeks later, and sometimes months, I go back and clean it up, and do minor edits.

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