The literary pandemic of the current generation

Political correctness. Years ago, it was expected of our politicians. The term indicated one should be mindful of their audience’s viewpoints, as to not cause offense.

What was once a tadpole, has now grown to a vicious whale. The term is a gateway to victim-hood. If one Lacking political correctness, in an increasing amount of universities, leads to focused attacks on such an individual. Paradoxically, what the radical left has pushed for, “safe-spaces”, has lead to a festering echo-chamber of hatred and bigotry. University officials are being mocked, people’s voices are being deafened, all to push the post-modernist movement forward.

We are in a critical time in the 21st century (isn’t all time critical? That’s for the next post). Freedom of speech is being entrenched upon, and we must fight back. We must not shy away from taking a political stand. How do we accomplish this? We learn to formulate sound, coherent arguments, void of fallacies, and call out the social justice warriors (SJW) for the damage they are doing. Their indoctrination has gained them strength in numbers, but we must fight quality over quantity. One would be hard pressed to find the average social justice warrior to articulate a coherent argument for their position, as such an act would be considered a debate, and we cannot have that. Only “forums” are allowed. Their weak rhetoric is clearly evident, as one must watch only a small portion of an SJW protest, to clearly see their tactic is to become a louder voice, as opposed to a rationally disagreeing one. Frequently, SJWs will spew out one fallacious argument after another, repeating what they’re community has rehearsed, similar to a poorly orchestrated symphony. They produce a booming sound, however it is far from being considered music.

Given this indoctrination from the radical left, originally stemming from select professors in the humanities, the vast majority of university students are unable to coherently form sound arguments, never the less defended such positions within a debate. Instead, they are learning to find victim-hood in any verbally resistance situation, especially ones that challenge their identity’s position. I fear their inability to take responsibility for their values, and general ineptitude to have coherent discourse, will make it much more difficult for them to integrate with today’s workforce. That is, unless the workplace begins to indoctrinate in a manner similar to the universities.

Unfortunately, this workplace-shifting behavior is beginning to occur in more “modern” workplaces, such as technology companies and start-ups. One example at Google is the current lawsuit Google has against them for discriminating against conservative viewpoints. These companies have “bias training,” or “unconscious bias training,” using implicit association tests to push their agenda (tests which have no psychological backing in any remotely accredited journals). By requiring employees to take such tests, these companies continually add coal to the victim-hood train.

If we’re not careful, this ideology may seep into legislation, like it has in Canada with Bill C16. I will not stand by as our society creeps toward Orwellian thought policing. It’s remarkable how, after Bill C16 passed, George Orwell’s famous dystopian novel 1984 was Amazon’s top seller. If you have not read it, it’s societal depiction is an eerie look into today’s crystal ball.

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